As an individual project, I was responsible for all aspects: conducting research and designing the experience, interface, and table.


  • - March – June 2018


No one has mastered parenting. But we’re building upon decades of knowledge and science, and for the most part, we’re doing pretty well.

However, technology has changed everything. Parents now wonder: how do we raise kids around electronics? How much screen time do they get? How do we stay involved in their lives?

For my capstone, I wanted to explore this topic and reimagine how children’s interactions with electronics and their parents can be better.

Scenario 1 Plan Play Sessions

Children need to learn time-management, and building that habit will be vital for the rest of their lives.

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Scenario 2 Play Together

Facilitating spontaneous play sessions for children and their parents.

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Scenario 3 Catch Up

Making it easier for parents to be involved in their children’s digital lives.

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