I design digital products and experiences.

Previously, I studied Interaction and Industrial Design at the University of Washington, where I got to work on projects with Microsoft’s Surface/Xbox team and with TEAGUE, a design consultancy.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading profiles of interesting people, tinkering with mechanical keyboards, and getting way too opinionated about movies and TV shows.

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Designing to help kids be more responsible with their time and help parents stay involved in their kid’s digital lives.

Improving usability, aesthetics, and serving business goals. A classic UX design project.

Dog owners are scared to leave the house for too long, limiting their work and social opportunities. We designed devices that help take care of dogs so their owners can be more productive and achieve more.

Cooking is fun but getting started can be intimidating and stressful. Can we design something to make that experience better?

Exploring how to make AR interactions more tangible and spatial using music as a case study.

When traveling in space, passengers are trapped together for long periods of time, inevitably resulting in interpersonal conficts. This project designs a space tourism experience that minimizes that conflict.

Side Projects

Facing Trump

Portraits and interviews of Seattleites conducted the day after Election Day.


A blog covering design, technology, and culture.

UW Bathrooms – An Exhibit

UW Bathrooms ran from 2012 to 2016, full of funny reviews of bathrooms and snide commentary on campus culture. To me, the blog is a zeitgeist of the times and I decided to honor it by presenting it as a digital exhitibit with accompanying photos.


Designed a website showcasing old Japanese recipes that my friend and I translated. Also a great way to learn more about Japanese cooking! (In-progress)

About me


University of Washington
Bachelor of Design, Industrial Design
September 2014 – June 2018

Interaction Design
Virtual and Mixed Reality Design
Mobile Application Design
Foundations of Interaction Design
Design Innovation and Society
Rapid Prototyping
Visual Storytelling

Industrial Design
Pet Products and AI (with Microsoft)
Mission to the Moon (with TEAGUE)
Wearables and Collaboration
Materials and Manufacturing
Softgoods and Hardgoods
Form Studies
3D Foundations

Visual Communication Design
Color and Composition
Design Foundations
Design History


Freelance Designer
July 2018 – Present

Working on various interaction design, user experience design, and visual design projects in Seattle, WA.

Product Designer
Student Technology Loan Program
January 2016 – June 2018

Designed a new web experience for STLP to make it easier for students to register, find information and reserve equipment.

App Designer
Tourism Authority of Thailand
July – August 2016

I was contracted to design a mobile app for the TAT. In the process, I worked with corporate and governmental stakeholders to address their needs while also advocating for the usability and sensibility of the app.

Design Intern
Trio Advertising and Media

Worked on client projects with the Trio team. Primarily focused on creating graphical assets for a client’s print book project.


Design Research
Ideation / Concepting
App Design
Web Design
Design Sketching
Rapid Prototyping

Adobe Creative Cloud


Axel Roesler
Interaction Design Chair, University of Washington


Michael Kritzer
Founder & Designer, Always Good Company