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I’m Nirawit, a product designer living in Finland.

I design polite and usable software that also helps companies accomplish their goals.

I enjoy tackling new problem spaces and making complex ideas appear simple. Most of all, I love working in small teams with people passionate about their craft.

Let’s make something incredible together :)

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Making it easy to advertise on the open web

Facebook and Google offer great ways to advertise within their walled gardens. But if you’re looking to advertise elsewhere, you’ll find it’s a fractured mess.

Factor Eleven is creating a centralized platform and intuitive tools to advertise on the open web.

I was the first design hire and led the design of the new Ad Manager.


I’m also making GitHub for recipes

A project by two friends: an engineer and a designer.

We’re (slowly) building a place to create new recipes, adapt existing ones, and see what others are cooking.

We’re building this in public. You can follow along here: testkitchen.fun

Vue + Firebase

We wanted the editing experience to be as natural as possible. Just type.
We thought a lot about how people cooked. A lot of us don’t measure, we use rough units.

Previously, I was working at ScreenCloud

Using ScreenCloud, customers can control all their screens as if they’re one, regardless of hardware.

1. Install ScreenCloud1. Install ScreenCloud
2. Pair screen2. Pair screen
3. Put anything on it3. Put anything on it

Here are some of my favorite projects I’ve worked on at ScreenCloud:

↳ Helping customers upgrade

We found that customers were reluctant to migrate to our new platform. The migration process was confusing and often caused problems afterwards.

We designed a new process that checks for issues beforehand and focuses on inspiring confidence to migrate. Everything will be ok!

Walks them through migration step-by-step
Help customers fix issues before migrating
Ready checkReady check
Checks for issues with payments, hardware, and incompatibility

↳ Your screen, your brand

Every company has their own colors, logos, and fonts.

We wanted to help them bring their look & feel to their screens too, starting with adding their brand fonts.

While this sounds simple, it was a massive effort involving lots of teams to get this working in a manner we’re proud of.

1. Add font1. Add font
Add fonts for each style (like Bold), or use 3rd party providers like Adobe Fonts
2. See how it looks in different apps2. See how it looks in different apps
3. Use it in your screens3. Use it in your screens
Help customers fix issues before migrating

↳ Making payments understandable

As part of our new pricing plans, we wanted to make our billing easier to understand.

We wanted to make it more clear how we charged for licenses, what add-ons customers were paying for, and highlight the difference between each plan.

Basically, how do we display lots of info in a logical, underestandable way?

Each plan has different minimums and charges differently for extra licenses. This needed to be clear to help customers avoid surprises.

Like many others in the pandemic, I socialized by playing games with friends. And it started to become a community.

A database of games we played together

My friends and I play Dota, and we started wanting to keep track of stats for the inhouse matches we played together. There’s no tool for this, so we built our own.

We made a database and website to display all the games we played, keep track of wins, losses, and other in-game stats.

Made with Hiep Can and Norawit Jittipairoj.

Next.js + Go + Firebase

List of games played
We parse and display as much match data as we can
This includes a graph of in-game gold and experience
Leaderboard based on wins and losses

In college, I got to spend time researching and interviewing parents to understand what it’s like to raise a child in this new smartphone world.

Helping kids use electronics responsibly

How do you raise kids around electronics? How much screen time do kids get? Are they staying safe online? How do you stay involved in your kids’ digital lives?

The end result was a smart coffee table, a modern family computer where children could spend their first moments on the internet with their parents nearby.

This would be their first computing device before they get their own smartphone.

I designed 3 scenarios that help kids learn good habits, and help parents connect with their kids:

  1. Plan play sessions: Helping kids learn to manage their own time
  2. Play together: Games are great for bonding, helping parents meet kids where they are
  3. Catch up: Helping parents be a part of their kids’ digital lives

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Scenario 1: Plan play sessions

Kids learn how to manage money by first learning that it is a limited resource. That same approach can be used to teach time management.

Also, by choosing how they want to spend their time, they are learning how to plan and commit to their promises.

Scenario 2: Play together
Games are a great way to connect with kids, but finding time can be difficult. What if it was easy to just jump in and join?
Scenario 3: Catch up

The sofa and coffee table are a natural resting place. While enjoying a coffee, parents can catch up and be involved.

Mentions and recommendations

Recommendations from people I’ve worked with
and mentions about previous projects.

David Garber

David Garber

Engineer II at Apple

California, United States

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nirawit in the past.

Nirawit’s passion for the projects he works on is infectious and I would often find myself inspired by him to go the extra mile in my own work. One of his greatest strengths is his attention to detail. He is able to dig into the subtleties of design flows and consistently create functional and intuitive experiences.

He also has a good understanding of engineering workflows and is able to work with developers to come up with great designs that are also feasible to implement.

Krishna Acondy

Krishna Acondy

Lead Software Engineer at CattleEye

Belfast, United Kingdom

Nirawit is a brilliant designer with a great product vision, while at the same time being very detail-oriented which is great for developers.

He is able to use his coding skills to pitch in and help with dev work from time to time. Nirawit is also an excellent communicator — I’ve had insightful conversations with him on a variety of topics.

In summary, Nirawit is a great guy to work with, and I’d love to work with him again if the opportunity arises in the future!

Dogan Yazar

Dogan Yazar

Software Development Consultant at Net Insight

Stockholm, Sweden

I had the pleasure working with Nirawit and I am very impressed with his capabilities and motivation. He is very passionate for delivering great product experience and he has an eye for detail which allows him to contribute not only in UI/UX but in all stages of the product development.

As a colleague, it is fun and rewarding to work with him since he is always up for constructive discussions and he provides different perspective and new ideas into the mix. Moreover, he does not miss any social events :)

Michal Mikolajczyk

Michal Mikolajczyk

Head of Quality Assurance at ScreenCloud

Bangkok, Thailand

I have been working alongside Nirawit for a year while at ScreenCloud and he never failed to impress me.

He is the type of colleague who seems to have a lot of tricks up their sleeve. Firstly, Nirawit has a natural gift for design and user experience. He is also just an awesome person to work with, he’s fun, hard working and extremely talented. It’s not a problem for him to start contributing to a codebase or to implement and integrate visual tests to boost the quality of our product.

Designing for Space TravelDesigning for Space Travel
Cast the Trump Mini-SeriesCast the Trump Mini-Series
I was somehow quoted in the NYT!

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